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My name is Niki and I am the Owner & Designer of Isla Trix.  I was born and raised on the island of O'ahu and will forever be a Kailua girl!  Growing up in Kailua, the beach was like our backyard.  My family and I spent countless weekends, summers, holidays, and even "after school days" at the beach.  I have always had a love for the ocean and SHELLS!  After my first daughter was born back in 2009, my mom taught me the basics of wire-wrapping and beading which in turn led me to start making my own jewelry as a hobby.  My bestfriend and I would take our girls to North Shore regularly and go "shell-hunting".  They would run up to us with their own beach-glass and shell findings, with huge smiles on their faces!  Without the intention to "sell" my jewelry, my sister's friends would ask me, "how much are those earrings?" or, "what about that bracelet, how much is it?".  From there, the word got out and I created an etsy page.  After a few months establishing my jewelry "business" I created my own website.  It has become a passion for me to create one of a kind pieces for people.  I love hearing about the unique stories/memories/meanings behind each custom piece.  A lot of my pieces are "ocean-inspired" and hold a special place for all of us ocean lovers and island girls at heart. I chose the name "Isla Trix" because Isla means Island and Trix is a nickname my Dad gave me when I was little; He has since passed on and in a way it keeps a little bit of his Aloha with me.